Richard Combs Associates is a leader in competitive intelligence consulting and international business research. Founded in 1983, the company offers a variety of affordable services and products. The company provides its clients with a combination of speed, cost-effectiveness, personal attention and global access in obtaining the information they require. With headquarters in Chicago and affiliations with other companies around the globe.


Richard Combs received his B.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington, and an M.S.I.S. in Information Science from Columbia University in the City of New York. He has written industry studies in glass packaging; rigid containers (plastic, glass and metal); ball screws and specialty bearings; agricultural chemicals; export-import tracking systems; and has worked extensively in the packaged food industry.


Richard Combs Associates' principal business is its research services, offering fast, confidential answers to business questions. Inquiries are researched by our Chicago-based consultants using the broad human, in-print and online resources of Richard Combs Associates.


Richard Combs Associates has done major studies on industry segments in agrochemical, food and beverage consumer products, rigid plastic packaging, telecommunications, materials-handling and on high-tech industries such as ball-screws and linear motion bearings. We also specialize in custom on-demand competitive intelligence inquiries, international and national.


Richard Combs Associates' World Trade Contacts is available online through Nexis-Lexis, or on this web site.


Competitive analysis of glass packaging companies
Find new markets for a newly-acquired conveyor company
This small food company is written about broadly, but how is it run, really?

Industry surveys

Food industry - over 3 thousand projects completed
Rigid container industry
Ball screws and linear motion bearings
Air conveyors and materials handling

Product surveys

Can a hi-tech German shrink-wrap machine succeed in the US?
Foreign influences on growth of Ford AG following WW II

Research and development

What are the possible reasons for a food-coating problem?

Strategic analysis

What are the capabilities of a Scandinavian chemical company?
Locate a set of blueprints/schematics for a foreign company's new plant.
Why is a British chemical company building a new plant?



The Competitive Intelligence Handbook

The Competitive Intelligence Handbook is published by Scarecrow Press, a Grolier subsidiary, in 1992, and can be ordered from A new book by Richard Combs, Competitive Intelligence Basics, will be out later in 2005.

Richard Combs Associates is a member of SCIP

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